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Message From Grand Superintendent

Message from Gordon our Grand Superintendent 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Companions of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire for giving me the honour of serving as Grand Superintendent. I promise that I will do all that I can to ensure that the Province continues to flourish. 

I express my personal thanks and appreciation to my immediate predecessor MEC Robert McCulloch, his Commissioned and elected Office-Bearers, and and all other Past Grand Superintendents. The Province is in good health and under my Commission I intend to build on these sound foundations. Obviously, that can only be achieved with the support of all Companions. I am committed to making use of all the talent, energy and enthusiasm that exists across the Province. 

I have set out my intentions for the next 5 years in The Triple C Plan (image at foot of statement). This is an attempt to focus activity in the Province to ensure that we can make a bigger impact. It is recognised that individual companions and chapters, councils and lodge and councils, are active in charitable works. I would encourage support of small local charities, where modest donations will be gratefully received and make a real difference to the local community. My hope would be that we bring all these efforts together and make sure they are widely reported within and outwith the Province. 

The Supreme Grand Chapter's chosen charity is the Iris Murdoch Trust. The Trust has managed to train nursing staff in several areas throughout Scotland. Presenting them with the skill to recognise dementia and manage the symptoms to minimise the distress of the patient, in what is already a difficult time in their life. We will continue to support these efforts.

I consider it very important to ensure that we achieve the highest standards in Royal Arch Masonry. I intend to promote and encourage excellence in ritual standards. There is no doubt that when our wonderful ritual is delivered well it leaves a positive impression. Unfortunately, if it is read or poorly delivered the candidate and companions will be disappointed and potentially discouraged from actively continuing with Royal Arch Masonry. I would hope that companions would appreciate this and make an effort to recite the ritual well. This will go some way to improving standards and understanding of the ritual.

As part of increasing understanding of Royal Arch Masonry, in its widest sense, I intend to encourage all Royal Arch Companions to actively support the Cryptic Councils and Royal Ark Mariners Lodge and Councils. I will assist by providing information and guidance intended to inform and engage Companions. 

Good communication is at the heart of any effective organisation. I want to ensure continuous and good two-way communication. Too often companions report that they were unaware of an event or activity because they had not heard about it. My hope is to disperse all information and resources clearly, effectively and in a timely manner. I will review the current processes and implement opportunities to improve communication between the Companions, Chapters, Sister Provinces and Supreme Grand Chapter. Some of the Chapters are already making use of social media, such as Facebook. I intend to consider this for the Province and will also look to maximise the use of electronic communications technologies. 

I want to encourage improved fraternal relations and communication, especially with the Provincial Grand Lodges of Renfrewshire East and West, as well as other Masonic Orders within the Province. The successful efforts to do this in past years have seen mutual support at meetings and Divine Services. I hope to further cement these bonds and develop closer Masonic links.

Finally, to those Companions from within and outwith Renfrewshire who have supported and visited the Province of Renfrewshire at recent events, I would thank you for your continued encouragement. Companions, enjoy the Summer Recess, and return in September refreshed and ready the new session.