PGRAC October Convocation

The Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire Convocation will take place on Saturday 28th October, 2023 at 12 noon in Johnstone Masonic Hall.

Book Check

The annual book check will take place on Saturday 4th November, 2023 at 10am in Johnstone Masonic Hall.  Details will be emailed to all Scribes, but can be read or downloaded from the Resources Page.

Prostate Scotland

Prostate Scotland Champion Training hosted by the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire on behalf of Grand Lodge of Scotland. Delighted to have representatives from 6 Provinces. After being welcomed by the Grand Superintendent, MEC Kevin Pollock, Grand Almoner Bro. Tom Davidson outlined the aim of the programme. Comprehensive presentations were given by Adam Gains and Mae Bell from Prostate Scotland, after which they group engaged in a Q&A session. A very informative and successful evening. 

PGRAC June Convocation

The Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire held its Convocation with Paisley Abbey RAC No. 76 hosting the day.  In addition to the Prostate initiative launch the results of the members' survey and the implementation plan for change were introduced. The Grand Superintendent MEC  Kevin Pollock welcomed many visitors and expressed his delight to introduce each one to the assembled Companions. Hospitality was enjoyed by all at the conclusion of the meeting and marked a memorable day of friendship and fellowship as one Masonic family. 

Bottom - our GS MEC Kevin Pollock at the SGRAC Convocation on 16th inst.

PGRAC Prostate Awareness Initiative

June Convocation

At The Convocation of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire on Saturday 10th June 2023 the Grand Superintendent of Renfrewshire, MEC Kevin Pollock launched a “first” in terms of joint working when a Prostate Awareness initiative was officially set in place.

On behalf of The Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire the PG Scribe N, MEC John Malcolm developed the initiative in conjunction with The Provincial Grand Lodges of Renfrewshire East and Renfrewshire West and the partnership has now extended to the Intendancy of Strathclyde and the District Grand Priory of Strathclyde.

The overall strategy is one of one masonic family, no boundaries and one aim.

The focus will be an extension of the Make it a Million campaign and this initiative is being fully supported by The Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland, The Grand Imperial Council and The Great Priory of Scotland.

The aim is to raise awareness at a local level regarding prostate disease, which kills one man every 45 mins! To offer a confidential support mechanism for Renfrewshire Masons to discuss the issue and to assist with fundraising to continue the fight against prostate disease.

One Aim, One masonic family, no boundaries

The already established excellent relationship with Prostate Scotland is central to every activity undertaken.

All informative materials will be available at every masonic premises covering Renfrewshire with local representative taking responsibility for ensuring materials are always available and to direct any person who may seek further assistance. In addition, a cadre of 5 ambassadors covering all of Renfrewshire will be trained by Prostate Scotland and offer confidential assistance.

This initiative is not an alternative to GP services and will never offer medical advice but will act as a starting point for any man seeking advice or assistance.

The joint steering group left

L to r RW Dep PGM Chris Kerr, Renfrewshire East. Grand Supt MEC Kevin Pollock. PG Scribe N MEC John Malcolm and RW Dep PGM Paul Docherty Renfrewshire West.

The Masonic Family on the right

L-R RW Dep PGM Chris Kerr, Renfrewshire East, Intendant General of Strathclyde, Grant Macleod, District Grand Prior of Strathclyde Keir G Brown, Grand Superintendent MEC Kevin Pollock and RW Dep PGM Paul Docherty Renfrewshire West

PGC Bowling Competition

The Strathearn Bowling Trophy, hosted by Port Glasgow RAC No. 900, was played on Sunday 28th May 2023 at Port Glasgow Bowling Club.

The trophy winners, Greenock RAC No. 17 (A Team) - Lead Duncan McConnachie, Second Robert Harron, and Skip Colin Reddy.  The runners up, Greenock RAC No. 17 (B Team) - Lead Robert Crossan, Second Douglas Warnock, and Skip Sandy Reddy.  The formal presentation of the trophy and prizes will take place at the Convocation on 10th June 2023.

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated.  A grateful thanks to Port Glasgow RAC for hosting the event and to the Bowling Club for their hospitality.  A special mention goes to our Bowling Convener Colin Reddy for all his efforts in organising a wonderful day.

The winners (l-r: Robert Harron, Colin Reddy & Duncan McConnichie).

PGRAC Angling Competition

The inaugural PGRACR Angling Competition took place on Sunday 16th April at Haddockston Fishery. Companion William Provan of Paisley Abbey won the heaviest fish (single) and Companion David Kerr of Ranfurly won both the overall trophy and the heaviest fish (two fish). And the first prize in the raffle! A very enjoyable day. Many congratulations to everyone who participated in the new competition. A huge thanks to Bill Provan who organised the successful day. 

PGC Convocation October 2022

Congratulations to MEC Kenneth Munn McCrae PZ No.17 who was made Hon. First Grand Soj. of the PGC for outstanding service to the Province.



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