Education Resources

PGRAC Booklet Final.pdf

The new PGRAC Booklet for new companions.

Lodge & Chapter.docx

Points to think about regarding the lodge and the chapter

The Stone Which the Builders Refused.pdf

A commentary on the Degree of Mark Master Mason, according to the working of the Irish Constitution.

PGRACR_Excellent Master Walk Through_ Large.pdf

Excellent Master Walk Through Degree - this is complete in large print to read in Chapter.

Veils_Passing the Veils Ceremony & History.pdf
Veils_The Excellent Master Degree.pdf

Excellent Master DegreeĀ 


Handbook from the SGRAC of New Zealand about the 'Excellent Degree.'

The Story of the Royal Arch.pdf

The Story of the RA by William Harvey


The Lectures of the RA

Characters in RA.pdf

5 main characters in the RA story

For Him who Humbleth Himself (Final 4June2023).pdf

Explanation of the Irish RA legend with King Josiah rather than our legend with Z.

The Scottish Royal Arch Degree (Maclatchy, 2007).pdf

The Scottish RA Degree - an explanation of its title, meaning and message.

The Story of the Royal Arch by William Harvey (cf The Harvey Manual of Freemasonry.