Message From The Grand Superintendent

Message from Kevin our Grand Superintendent

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Companions of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire for giving me the honour of serving as Grand Superintendent. I promise that this Commission will do its best to lead the Province out of the pandemic and promote Royal Arch Masonry in Renfrewshire and beyond. This Commission will provide leadership by giving clear direction, having collective responsibility, and setting standards.

I am eternally grateful to my predecessor, MEC Gordon McGregor Renfrew, who commissioned me as Provincial Grand Scribe E. The insight and learning that came with the office will be invaluable during my term of office. I have also been heartened by the friendship and expressions of support of the past commissioned and elected office-bearers and companions throughout the Province of Renfrewshire, and from the sister provinces.

The past two years have been hugely disruptive, and I recognise that it will take a concerted effort to fully recover from the adverse impact of the pandemic. This Commission will encourage, support, and proactively engage with the companions. I know that there is a wealth of talent, energy and enthusiasm in the Province, and want to harness that to strengthen our Royal Arch Masonry.

During the previous Commission, I developed the Triple C Plan to focus Royal Arch activity in the Province on: Companions, Charity and Communication to achieve a greater impact through our collective efforts. Building on the foundations of the previous Commission and ensure that the companions have an opportunity to participate in shaping the future actions of the Province, I have established a strategic planning group. It will be chaired by Provincial Grand Scribe E, Excellent Companion Grant Macleod and its membership will be companions co-opted from the chapters.

I urge any companion who wants to participate in the activities of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire to contact Provincial Grand Scribe E, or any member of the Commission. I consider it important that every chapter has representation, whether as an office-bearer or committee representative. So, please consider how you could serve and help improve the Province.

During this Commission, we will continue to support the charitable activities of The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland. A magnificent example, being the recent presentation of a cheque for £200,000 to the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling. Locally, we will continue with our support of Erskine, which provides a range of services for British Armed Forces veterans of all ages and their families.

I know that across the Province many individual companions and chapters, councils and lodge and councils, are active in charitable works. Personally, I encourage the support of small local charities, where modest donations make a real difference to the local community. My hope is we bring all these charitable efforts together and make sure they are widely reported.  

This Commission seeks to set the high standards, while supporting and encouraging others to strive and continually improve their understanding and appreciation of Royal Arch Masonry. Like all Masonic experiences, the ritual is at the core and when delivered well leaves a positive impression, which engages and encourages new members to continue with their sojourn through Arch Masonry. I hope that all will endeavour to achieve standards that impress both new and more experienced members.

As part of increasing understanding of Royal Arch Masonry, in its widest sense, I intend to encourage all Royal Arch Companions to actively support the Cryptic Councils and Royal Ark Mariners Lodge and Councils. The Commission will develop information and guidance to inform and engage companions and potential members.

I want to make better use of technology to improve communication. Too often companions report that they were unaware of an event or activity because they had not heard about it. The intention of this Commission is to distribute all information and resources in an appropriate format, effectively and in a timely manner. We will also provide electronic banking facilities to reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency.

Finally, I want to encourage improved fraternal relations and communication, especially with the Provincial Grand Lodges of Renfrewshire East and West, as well as other Masonic Orders within the Province. The Commission will work to cement these bonds and develop closer Masonic links.