Province News


The Grand Superintendent was delighted to present Installing TIM John Hutchison McFarlane with his 50 year diploma for the Baron of Renfrew Cryptic Council. Magnificent service. 


After the Provincial Visitation to Port Glasgow RAC No. 900 on 26th January, the chapter made a charitable donation of £200 to the Royal Marines Association (Glasgow Branch). Pictured are the GS, Ian Hopkins (Branch Chairman), and MEZ Stephen Darrah. 


Greenock No.17

Left to right: Graeme Wallace (2nd), Robert Crossan (1st), GS and Colin Reddy (3rd)

Paisley Abbey No.76

John Syme (1st P) with GS

Baron of Renfrew No.114

John Malcolm (2nd), Stuart Vernal (1st), GS and Tam James (3rd)

Rockmount No.367

GS with the new TIM Graham Manson


The Inter-Provincial Trophy was won by . . . . . Renfrewshire. The winning team was Duncan McConnachie, Douglas Warnock, Colin Reddy and Sandy Reddy so a hearty congratulations to the companions. Kevin also participated in the Grand Superintendent Trophy which was very enjoyable but unsuccessful. However, a very enjoyable day of companionship.

The Strathearn Trophy was won by Greenock RAC No.17. The tournament was opened by Sandy Reddy’s first bowl (centre). The winning team consisted of Robert Harren, Douglas Warnock, Colin Reddy and Sandy Reddy (right). Congratulations to everyone who participated and supported the event. The Grosvenor Bowling Club were very welcoming and a good day was had by all.



MEC Kevin Pollock GS visited Port Glasgow RAC 900 - after the Royal Arch degree on Comp John Laird, and the presentation of honorary membership on John MacFarlane PZ of 114, a charity donation was made to Brian Powers of Craigend Resource Centre. He is seen here with Scribe E Jim More and MEZ Stephen Darrah.

MEC Kevin Pollock GS visited Greenock RAC No.17 where EC Sandy Ready PZ Secretary received a packet watch in recognition of a long and distinguished service to the chapter, the Province and the Order.  Thoroughly well deserved.


MEC Kevin Pollock GS, accompanied by PGSN John Malcolm, attended Port Glasgow RAC No 900 at the end of the month.  They were delighted to see MEZ Stephen Darrah present charitable donations to Mrs Alison Bunce of Compassionate Inverclyde and Mrs Laura Queen of Ardgowan Hospice. A magnificent effort by all concerned and very much appreciated by the recipients. 

This month also the Grand Superintendent saw two new Excellent Masters - one in Greenock and one in Johnstone. Newest EM at Greenock No.17 is Comp. Thomas Porteous with MEC Kevin and MEZ Nicky Stetz and at Sir William Wallace No.109 are Comp. Graham Hay, Daniel McCulloch and MEZ Danny Birrell. Congratulations and welcome to Royal Arch Masonry.


Port Glasgow

At the end of March, ME Companions Kevin Pollock GS with First Principal EC Steven Darrah, Billy McLarty DGS and John Malcolm PGSN visited Port Glasgow to support the chapter conferring the EM degree.

Honorary Membership

Congratulations to MEC Gordon Renfrew IPGS of Renfrewshire on becoming the newest Honorary Member of Greenock RAC No. XVII on 16th March, 2022. ME Gordon is below left with ME Nicky Stetz 1st P of XVII who presented Gordon with his certificate.  We were also treated to a first class RA degree conferred after two years, but the standard would never have shown there had been a break in activities at all.

New Provincial Grand Master

Delighted that the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Renfrewshire was invited to attend the Installation of the Provincial Grand Master of Renfrewshire East on Saturday 19th February 2022. The Grand Superintendent MEC Kevin Pollock and Provincial Grand Scribe E Excellent Companion Grant Macleod were warmly welcomed by their counterparts in Renfrewshire East. The new PGM Brother Ronald E Fraser and Provincial Grand Secretary Brother William McMahon have a long relationship with the representatives of PGRAC. Kevin and Grant’s attendance at the Installation is further evidence that we in the Royal Arch will continue to enhance our links with the Craft and all other Masonic Orders operating in Renfrewshire. The Installation ceremony, conducted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Brother Ramsey McGhee, was of the highest standard. He also took time to outline his vision of the future of Craft Masonry. There can be no doubt that the Craft and Sublime degrees are mutually beneficial and the Commission will work to ensure that the message is communicated across the Province.


Congratulations to E. Comps. George E. Paul PZ and John S. Miller PZ who were presented with their 50 year diplomas in Barrhead on Tuesday 8th February 2022  by the new Grand Superintendent Kevin Pollock who was supported by his whole Commission.  Left to right: George, Harry Lloyd 1st P Rockmount, Kevin and John.   

 Immediately after, ME Kevin Pollock then presented E. Comp. George with Honorary Depute Grand Superintendent of the PGRAC of Renfrewshire for outstanding service to the Province.


Congratulations to Comp. James Fletcher PZ of Ranfurly RAC No.289 in Kilmacolm who was presented with his 60 year diploma on Thursday 3rd February 2022 by Comp. Billy McLarty Depute Grand Superintendent and Gordon Renfrew Immediate Past Grand Superintendent .