Lanarkshire Middle Ward

Visit to PGRAC of Lanarkshire Middle Ward on 27th April by MEC Kevin Pollock GS. All visitors were made most welcome by Grand Superintendent Jack Brown. We all enjoyed an excellent talk on the historical and biblical significance of the Banners by Immediate Past Grand Superintendent Alex Brown.

Supreme GRAC of Scotland

At the Vernal Equinox Convocation, the Grand Superintendent Kevin Pollock, Immediate Past Grand Superintendent Gordon Renfrew, Depute Grand Superintendent Billy McLarty and Prov. Grand Scribe E Grant Macleod attended the installation of ME Comp. Joe Morrow as First Grand Principal (below) and his office bearers for 2022-23. ME Joe spoke about moving on from Covid and let’s get working our degrees; he also mentioned that there is no point climbing a ladder on the wrong wall.  So companions, it’s time to get the freemasonry moving again, get companions attending their chapters and enjoying everyone’s company again.


On 26th February, 2022 the installation of the new Grand Superintendent (ME Andrew Broderick) of the PGRAC of Dumbartonshire  took place in Dumbarton which was attended by the Commission as shown below:

MEC Joe Morrow First Grand Principal conducted the installation in his usual manner and during the speeches, he emphasised ruling from the heart being part of one masonic family with a common goal, being innovative in looking forward after Covid and 'switching freemasonry' back on.  ME Kevin also had the honour of proposing the toast to the PGRAC of Dumbartonshire which was very well received.  Below Kevin is with Joe in what was a most enjoyable day.