Joining a Chapter

To apply for membership of Royal Arch Chapter you must be a Master Mason of one year in good standing in your Mother (affiliated) Lodge under a Constitution recognised by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

You will also need a proposer and seconder who are members of the Royal Arch Chapter that you wish to join. If you are interested in joining a Chapter you should speak to a brother in a Royal Arch Chapter. There will almost certainly be Royal Arch Masons in your Lodge and it may be that a Royal Arch Chapter meets in your Lodge Hall. If no Royal Arch Chapter meets in your Lodge Hall, there will be one in a neighbouring Lodge. Chapter locations are shown in the menu.

You are free to apply to any Chapter but make sure that the one you choose does not meet on one of your Lodge meeting nights.

It is also worth keeping in mind that members of all Royal Arch degrees are required to maintain fully paid up Blue Lodge membership.  Please note that you must complete the Royal Arch Degrees first before applying to join the Cryptic council or the Lodges & Council.

Should you wish to join and you don't know anyone, contact us at and we will start the process.